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The technology of the Planté Primordial Accumulators puts together reliability and strength, guaranteeing a project life of about 50 years. This technology, invented in 1859 by the physicist Gaston Planté,  is still today the most effective system in off-grid plants,  i.e. of all those plants that are not connected with the national electric network, also called island systems.

The weak point of these plants, usually based on a photovoltaic energy source, lies within the commercial accumulators, as these are the first ones to deteriorate, no matter their excellent quality, thus determining the complete blackout of the plant in just about 5 years.

Primordial, thanks to the experience achieved through the years in this field, solves these problems by using Planté accumulators of its own planning and building, making it possible for the off-grid plant to last for the whole life it has been planned for.  

The other kinds of lead commercial accumulators Faure are based on fixing together the active substances before the accumulator is put into operation. However, this procedure leads to the flaking of the elements and marks the end of the accumulator. Moreover, most times these grids – which are produced with cheap materials – are very thin and keep getting thinner with the passing of time, until they break.

The Planté Primordial Accumulator is provided with strong grids made of pure refined lead, 11 mm thick, in order to guarantee the perfect adherence of the active substances to the stand, without causing its detachment and therefore the loss of capacity. The active substances, which are the driving force of the accumulator, are produced on site, on the grids themselves, without external chemical procedures or fixing systems.

Primordial, not trying to save money, aims at producing an accumulator of an excellent quality using the best products available on the market and making the most of a technology consolidated in over 100 years since its discovery and that still is today the most highly performing for this kind of use.   



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Primordial was created in order to fulfill the energy needs which are becoming the focus of our society.

The new technologies for stocking and producing electric power, due to the increase in cost, are now ready to be diffused in the world market. 
Our company is able to offer state-of-the-art solutions, by putting together reliability and strength of consolidated technologies with the most modern and sophisticated systems of electronic management.
One of the best products made by Primordial are the innovative stationary Planté accumulators, made with very strong lead elements which can work continuously for over 50 years